About Me

Hello, my name is Landon Schnabel. I am an associate instructor and PhD student in the sociology department at Indiana University Bloomington.

My primary research area is gender. I am particularly interested in how gender relates to both religion and inequality. I am currently working on a few projects. One is on gender differences in religiosity, another is on religion and gender attitudes, a third is on the gender wage gap, and two others explore public opinion about gay and lesbian Americans.

I’ve recently published an article on feminist science studies and another on religion and politics:

2014.The Question of Subjectivity in Three Emerging Feminist Science Studies Frameworks: Feminist Postcolonial Science Studies, New Feminist Materialisms, and Queer Ecologies.” Women’s Studies International Forum, 44(3), 10-16.

2013.When Fringe Goes Mainstream: A Sociohistorical Content Analysis of the Christian Coalition’s Contract with the American Family and the Republican Party Platform. Politics, Religion & Ideology14(1), 94-113.