About Me

Hello! I am an associate instructor and Ph.D. student in the sociology department at Indiana University-Bloomington.

I consider myself a generalist with some particular interests. My scholarship spans the domains of gender, religion, public opinion, family, and sexualities, among other areas. I am particularly interested in how gender and sexuality intersect with religion, public opinion, and inequality. Some current projects explore the following topics using large, nationally-representative surveys: (1) gender differences in religiosity, (2) religion and gender attitudes, (3) gender and nonreligion, (4) the gender wage gap, and (5) public opinion about gay and lesbian Americans. Some of my other current research—a nationally representative experimental study of Americans’ views of business service refusal and a twin study on the association between educational attainment and mental health—can make more robust causal inferences.

CV: Landon Schnabel CV 2015-02