What if Military Video Games Were More Realistic? Another Post on Sexual Assault in the Military

Not only do women in the military have to worry about the same things men in the military have to worry about, but they also face danger from attacks by their fellow Americans.

Comedian Amy Schumer stars in a clip (from “Inside Amy Schumer”) in which she plays a “realistic” military video game. In short, playing as a woman leads to a very different, and much worse, experience than playing as a man.

This brief, clever, and sad video provides an efficient take-down of reality: women in the military are frequently assaulted, and the rates aren’t headed in the right direction.


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5 responses to “What if Military Video Games Were More Realistic? Another Post on Sexual Assault in the Military

  1. Wesley Martin

    If Military video games were more realistic their would be a horrifying reality check to all of those people who are playing those games. Many of the illegal actions that take place under the supervision of our are armed forces are overlooked or are never reported. There may be a sense of embarrassment for a military member to report that they were beaten or abused. This also relates to individuals outside of the military, who go unvoiced regarding domestic violence cases. Women are commonly treated unequal compared to the male gender and are more likely to be the victim of domestic violence cases. Especially in a field such as the military where the majority of the population is male, females will be more likely to be victims and also subject to unfair legal proceedings. When these military based offenses do take place, they will not commonly reach the media. The military will attempt to create a clear and respectful image for themselves even if that means they are collaborators to horrible acts of violence.

    • Joseph Kmak

      This video clip brings to light the reality of treatment of women in the military using humor. Gender inequality and discrimination are prevalent in the armed forces and most cases seem to go unreported. A possible reason for this is that the overwhelming majority of our nations military personnel is male. This leads many commanding officers to take the side of a males over a females very often. The military wants to cover up sexual and domestic abuses against women and pretend like they do not occur. Denial and fighting back against women who speak up is a way to protect the reputation of the military from being tarnished. Many women are unable or afraid to report cases of abuse. Our nations leaders and military personnel need to actively promote and support the reporting of abuse instead of fighting against it and attempting to cover it up.

  2. natalie stucker

    This reality video game puts a comical twist on gender inequality. Women are discriminated in many aspects of life, is video is a great example of how the Military isn’t gender equal. The majority of the military is made up of men and the women that are involved are seen as weaker or emotionally unstable. When the video game gave the character the option to report the rape, it constantly asked her to reconsider, which occurs in real life as well. The video game showed a picture of the man and his family as if she was supposed to pity him and be reluctant to tarnish his character. When she finally was able to report him, the military made her go through tons of paperwork and questioned her character. Rapes are constantly overlooked and unreported because of the incorrect reputations that go along with them. Women are afraid what people will think of them and that proves the need for education on rape and abuse. Young women should feel comfortable and safe reporting things like this and our justice system should support them in this matter.

  3. Dalton Bailey

    The reality video game showed in the video above shows that gender equality is still an issue in todays society that should not be overlooked. It is also a prime example of how someone, such as a military general or police officer, might feel they are above the law and are able to get away with things that an ordinary member of society would not be able to. The video game showed how women also often times receive different treatment than men in the work force. They may be stuck doing an office job or filling out paper work because they are viewed upon as being weaker. I agree with @WesleyMartin that this is especially common in jobs dominated by men, such as the military. Society as a whole needs to begin to realize that there is still gender inequality in the world today. Women should be treated the same as men in the work force and should be given the same job opportunities and chance to succeed in whatever they want to pursue.

  4. Scott Swingle

    This video once again shows more inequalities for women in our society today. This shows that women are still not as respected as much in the military even they go through and do the same things as the men. In the video the game tries to make the women feel bad about reporting the rape by telling her that he has a family. The game also tells her that it was her fault by the way she acted or the way she was dressed. This is a very big problem in todays world especially here at Indiana University. Here at IU girls will dress up and drink a lot and some guys will take advantage of that even if it’s not what the girl wanted. Some people will say that it is her fault for the way she dressed or the way she acted while intoxicated. This goes to show that our society is still very male minded with the military being an extreme case. Men will most likely always be more apart of the military then women just because of the perception of being a man but this doesn’t give men any more right than women.

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