For media inquiries, please email me at schnabel AT cornell DOT edu. I’m happy to speak about my research and related issues regarding inequality, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, and social change.

Selected Essays and Op-Eds

More Americans than usual have been changing parties. Why?” Washington Post.

Why Some Christians Don’t Believe in Gun Control: They Think God Handed Down the Second Amendment.” Washington Post.

Religion Both Helped and Hurt during the Pandemic: It was good, on balance, for people’s mental health—but not so good for physical health.” Scientific American.

Faith, Gender and Abortion Center Stage at Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation.” The Hill.

Odessa, Texas mass shooting responses tie together evangelical Christians and guns.” NBC News.

Intense Religion and Donald Trump.” Sightings: Religion in Public Life.

What the Public Thinks About Denial of Service to Same-Sex Couples.” Scatterplot (cross-posted by Work in Progress).

The Gender Pray Gap.” Gender & Society blog.

Is Trump an Outsider Candidate?Sightings: Religion in Public Life.

Selected Coverage and Fact Checks When Mike Pence Misinterpreted My Research

Pence’s claim that ‘religion in America isn’t receding. It’s just the opposite.’” Washington Post (cross-posted by several outlets).

Is Mike Pence right that religion is gaining new life in US?” Politifact (cross-posted by Tampa Bay Times).

Do more people believe in God in Trump’s America?” BBC.

Is Religion Making a Comeback in the United States?” World Religion News.

Trump and Circumstance: White House Officials Gave Some Oddball Commencement Speeches This Year.” Mother Jones.

This Week in God, 5.19.18.” MSNBC.

Selected Interviews

Study: Religion soothed evangelicals at start of COVID. Politics put them at risk.” Washington Post.

A Look Into One of Cornell’s Largest Classes as the University Shifts to In-Person Learning.” Cornell Daily Sun.

Is the future of faith female?” Deseret News.

Same-Sex Marriage Exposes ‘Cavernous Divide’ between Vatican, Catholics.” Newswise (syndicated to several outlets).

SCOTUS Nominee Represents the Religious American Woman.” Newswise (syndicated to several outlets).

Is American religion exceptional? Maybe, maybe not.” Religion News Service (syndicated to several outlets).

Young and old clash in Mobile over Drag Queen Story Hour.” Alabama Media Group.

Let’s Say It’s Religion; Maybe Nobody Will Notice.” State of Belief.

Men and women divide on religion.” Religion News Service (syndicated to many outlets).

Selected Research Coverage and Mentions

Fertility is the Real Culture War.” The Week.

Religious Have Fewer Children in Secular Countries.” Cornell Chronicle.

Religion Follows Patterns of Politicization During COVID-19.” EuerkAlert! (AAAS).

New Research Indicates Religion Protected Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak but Also Undermined Efforts to Save Lives.” PsyPost

Who Are the Religious Nones and Why is This Group of Americans Growing?” Deseret News.

The Overstated Collapse of American Christianity: Three reasons the narrative of rapid secularization is incomplete.” New York Times.

Are Universities Contributing to Religious Polarization?” Inside Higher Ed.

Why the Partisan Divide? The U.S. is Becoming More Secular—and More Religious.” Religion & Politics.

Survey: UK teens are more likely than millennials to believe in God.” Religion News Service.

Religion: Less ‘Opiate,’ More Suppressant, Study Finds.” Cornell Chronicle.

Trump and Republicans don’t hate gun control because of the NRA. They just love guns.” NBC News.

How A Nationalistic Strain Of Christianity Is Subtly Shaping America’s Gun Debate.” Huffington Post.

What’s the Only Country in the World Where Men Claim They’re More Religious Than Women?” Haaretz.

When is Violence Acceptable?” Pacific Standard.

Education and Attitudes toward Interpersonal and State-Sanctioned Violence.” American Political Science Association (PSNow).

StartUp podcast series on church plants as business startups.

U.S. religion is increasingly polarized.” Science News (accompanying post made it to the front page of Reddit).

The Baker and the Empire.” New York Times (cross-posted by several outlets).

Can Evangelicalism Survive Donald Trump and Roy Moore?” New Yorker.

When Gun Control Gets Godly.” Society Pages.

Attitudes of American public on service denial to same-sex and interracial couples.” EuerkAlert! (AAAS).

What Does the Public Think About Businesses That Deny Services to Same-Sex and Interracial Couples?” Russell Sage Foundation.

More than Half of Survey Respondents Support a Refusal of Service.” American Sociological Association.

Americans don’t think businesses need a religious excuse to discriminate.” LGBTQ Nation.

IU study: Americans torn on whether business owners can deny serving same-sex couples.” WishTV.

People Still Think It’s OK for Businesses to Turn Away Gay Customers: It comes down to a core American belief in individual liberty—one that enables discrimination.” Vice.

Red Hen and Sanders: Can restaurants refuse service?” CBS.

Here’s why some businesses can deny you service – but others can’t.” CNN.

Denying wedding cakes to gay couples is not about religious freedom, IU study says.” IndyStar.

Study suggests anti-gay discrimination isn’t actually about ‘religious freedom’: How the researchers figured this out is fascinating in and of itself.” ThinkProgress.

Americans support ‘freedom’ to discriminate against gay and interracial couples.” Pink News.

Americans are ok denying service to same-sex couples, but not for the reasons you expect.” Quartz.

Study: Denying Service to Gay Couples Isn’t Just About Religion.” Courthouse News Service.

People who say it’s OK to deny service to gay couples believe more in individual rights than religious freedom.” Verge.

Men and Women Divide on Religion.” St. Loius Post-Dispatch.

Study Reveals Differences in Religious Practice Between Men and Women.” Sojourners.

The partisan divide in America is widening: But on some issues, and across party lines, agreement is growing.” The Economist.